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Windows 7 Professional Key Original price was: $34.99.Current price is: $2.99.

Windows 7 Home Premium Key

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Original price was: $34.99.Current price is: $2.99.

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Windows 7 Home Premium: stability and reliability


Thanks to its stability and reliability, Windows 7 Operating System is still one of the most used and beloved Microsoft Operating Systems. And now you can buy your Windows 7 license at the best price from Evgkey, your trusted Microsoft products reseller! We always recommend protecting your devices by also installing a valid and effective Antivirus against cyber attacks.


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Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus software suite

What You Get With Your Purchase:

✔️Instant Delivery : Get You Windows 7 Home Premium Key via email.

✔️ Genuine Software: Authentic and original software, ensuring reliability and security.

✔️ Reinstallable: Easily reinstall Windows 7 Home Premium using the same key if needed.

✔️ Multilingual Support: Available in any language you prefer.

⏱️ 24/7 Assistance: Access round-the-clock support whenever you need help.

✔️ No Expiry: Your activation key is permanent and will never expire.

✔️ Lifetime Guarantee: Enjoy a lifetime guarantee with your original purchase.

✔️ Installation Files: Download the installation files directly from the official Microsoft website.

✔️ Product Key Included: Receive a 25-character product key for activation.

*Windows 7 Update
N.B. * Microsoft has ended support and updates for Windows 7 since January 14, 2020. The Operating System may still be purchased, installed, and used; however, Microsoft will no longer provide support or release updates.
For this reason, we will also supply a download link for the Windows 7 ISO file.


Buy windows 7 Home premium

Key Features Of Windows 7 Home Premium:

  1. User-Friendly Interface: Enjoy an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface that makes finding and using your favorite applications a breeze.
  2. Enhanced Performance: Experience faster start-up times, quick shutdowns, and swift app launches. Windows 7 Home Premium is optimized to keep your PC running efficiently.
  3. Advanced Media Center: Seamlessly manage your photos, music, and videos. With the integrated Windows Media Center, turn your PC into a full entertainment hub, streaming live TV and recorded shows right to your screen.
  4. Improved Taskbar and Jump Lists: Quickly access your most-used files and applications. The enhanced taskbar allows for easier management and smoother multitasking.
  5. Home Group Sharing: Simplify file sharing between PCs. With Home Group, easily connect and share documents, music, printers, and more across multiple Windows 7 PCs in your home network.
  6. Aero Enhancements: Enjoy visually appealing desktop features like Aero Peek, Aero Snap, and Aero Shake, making window management more intuitive and stylish.
  7. Security Features: Stay protected with enhanced security measures. Windows 7 Home Premium includes built-in firewall and internet safety features to keep your data secure.
  8. Windows 7 is an Operating System compatible with Office Suite.Windows 7 is compatible with the famous Microsoft Office work suite, compatibility is different and you can choose according to your needs: Office 2016 – Office 2013 – Office 2010 is also available Microsoft Office for PC.


What happens if I format or replace my computer?

If you format or replace your computer, there’s no need to worry about losing your Windows 7 license. The Windows 7 Home Premium license you purchased from Evgkey is perpetual, meaning you’ll never have to buy a new product key. When you set up your new or formatted machine, simply reinstall your operating system and enter your existing license key. That’s all it takes!

However, please note that your license only covers one device at a time. So, if you’re moving to a new computer, you’ll need to deactivate the license on your old machine first. Once that’s done, you can activate it on your new device without any issues.

Why Choose EVGKey.Com For Your Windows 10 Pro Activation Key?

We are a proud partner of Microsoft, ensuring that every product key we sell is 100% genuine and directly sourced from the manufacturer. Our partnership guarantees authenticity and compliance with all licensing agreements.

Choosing for your Windows 7 Premium activation key ensures you receive a genuine product sourced directly from Microsoft, with instant email delivery, competitive pricing, and comprehensive support. As a trusted partner, we offer secure transactions and a lifetime license with no hidden fees, making us the reliable choice for your business software needs.

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