Office 365 pro plus Account

Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus ACCOUNT:




( Login / Password )




Attention! The purchased account does not activate office 2019, 2016, etc.

The account allows you to activate ONLY the office 365.

The first password change is required to activate the account, do not change the password again.


It is recommended to share the OneDrive folder to ensure that data will not be lost. (RMB/Share via OneDrive)


1. Log in to your account via ( )
2. Change the one-time password to your own.
3. To install the package, select “Install office“.
4. Install the downloaded package and log in to the purchased account in the application, e.g. Word, to activate the package.
5. After logging in to the application, restart the application to activate the package.

It is not possible to create your own account, you must use the purchased account to activate the package!


Product is available here!



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