Windows 7 Pro / Professional KEY

Microsoft Windows 7 Pro / Professional KEY:


Key type: ONLINE


Before submitting a complaint, make sure that the system is in the correct version , e.g. the Windows 7 Pro key is used on Windows 7 Pro (error  xc004f050 – incorrect version) and the Internet is turned on, it is recommended to provide the error code in the complaint.



System download link:






Click here!

Click here!


System media creation program:

When the media cannot be created, can use sample video for creating a system can be find on youtube (Using UltraISO).




System activation:
Click the start menu button  and enter text ” Activation “, select ” Activate Windows “, then enter the purchased key and confirm .



Here you can buy key:

Windows 7 Pro KEY


By no support of Microsoft windows 7 activation is more difficult to activate, phone activation may be required.


Phone activation instruction ( Error 0x80072F8F  ):

1. Enter code and activate.

2. Click Back and select Phone activation.

3. Select your region and call the free second number in the activation wizard .

After  20 seconds (After the word “ To consent to recording” click: 2

Wait 5-20  seconds (After the word ”  To activate windows “) and click 1 and 1

Between 15-25 seconds (After the word ” at operator rates “) and click 1

Wait 5 seconds or more and hang up

Go to the link you received via text message (Wait up to 1 minute) 5. Select the following options: – Microsoft Windows   – Windows 7 


4. Rewrite numbers from step 3 to site ( 9 x 6 digits ).

5. Select Send, Enter ” 0 ” when it asks for the number of activations.

6. Enter the received ID  into the window of step 3 and confirm.

7. Done, the product has been activated!






Windows 7 installation instructions:

1. Create the installation media ( Needed Pendrive or DVD with a capacity of at least 8 GB

2. Plug in the installation medium, start the device, if the system installer appears , go to step 4.

If the system installer does not appear, turn off and on the device and immediately click the button: F9, F10 or DELETE
Depending on from the manufacturer of the motherboard, these are different buttons, usually they are: F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F9, F10, DELETE
(During system startup, information about which buttons can be selected is usually displayed) 

3. Go to the BOOT section , then set first, the media with the system, then save (Usually F10) and restart the device.

4. In the system installer, select the language, time format, keyboard layout and select ” Next “, ” Install now “, enter the key.

OR select ” I don’t have a product key ” and select the appropriate system (8.1 Pro) version WITHOUT the letter N .

5. Check ” I accept the license terms ” and click ” Next “, after installing the system, remove the installation media and restart the device.

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